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The Origin

8 To Infinity originated on the idea of taking both of our strengths and creating something out of them. Nick started to study architecture in school, which opened the door to begin his apprenticeship at a local Virginia Survey Firm. His career has followed that path for over 20 years.

Shell was born on 8/8/80, so the number has quite a special place within her life. She grew up in the Bahamas on a sailboat while her father worked the Maravilla (1656) Shipwreck in the Bahamas.

Charting & Navigation is what our backgrounds are based on and how we came up with our company logo, the compass rose.

8 to Infinity is the ability to take any small idea and make it something incredible. That’s reflected in our logo, where taking the number 8 and rotating it 90 degrees to create the infinity symbol. Our goal is to take a dream and make it a reality.

Through COVID, Nick felt that there was a need for highly skilled drafters within the industry.